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A STEM professional passionate about purposeful and user-driven design of technologies. Specifically technologies that train users on everyday interactions with data visualization to develop data understanding.

As a Ph.D. candidate at Northwestern University, my research toolkit draws on data science and qualitative research methods to understand user problems and communicate solutions simply and effectively.

My background in  Research Methods, Data Science, Human-Computer Interaction,  and Education supports my work.


I research user experiences to make everyday interactions with data and technologies simple for diverse audiences.


Professional Projects

Drawing from my doctoral work, I incorporate technology design and user experience research with concepts within data science to understand diverse users and challenges users have interacting with data.

Outreach Programs

I strongly believe that my work is only as powerful as my ability to create many learning pathways to develop skills in others. One of the ways I share my passion for STEM is by getting people in my community as excited to learn about it as I am.

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