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Research Programs

Researching programming for K-16 is a great way to understand how to provide opportunities to expose STEM-related concepts and applications.

I've researched many STEAM-focused programs and offer consultation services to help develop STEM curricula for organizations. 

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Data Diamonds

Data Diamonds is an enrichment program designed to develop data skills in young women. Participants use appropriate technologies to explore data to gain insights and communicate data-driven stories effectively. This work provides an opportunity for STEM educators and curriculum designers to explore how youth build literacy in data outside of formal classrooms.


Data Detectives

Working in collaboration with Golnaz Arastoopour Irgens an Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences at Clemson University, a 6-week course was designed to introduce middle-school students to data science practices. This work provides a good starting point for educators, curriculum designers, and educational researchers to further explore how K-12 students learn statistics and programming and will continue to investigate how students learn data science practices.

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Coding and Statistics

Text Based Programming, such as Python can be powerful aids to statistical teaching and learning. The functionality and availability of these tools as well as the demands of an increasingly technological society impact curricular content and pedagogy in statistics education as well as the very nature of statistical thinking and understanding. 

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